Friday, December 18, 2009

Theatre Set up

Ok; quick run down on what we ended up getting for the theatre:

1080P Optoma HD20 Projector

94" Manual Pulldown screen 16:9 White with black matte

ONKYO 7200 Sound System and Receiver

In all, I feel these components went excellent together. We ceiling mounted the projector (I had pre-run conduit to where I wanted it and reinforced the joice so that mounting would be easy.).

Mounting on the ceiling was indeed easy and I'm very happy with how this turned out. As a note about the HD20 projector, it only has MANUAL focus and zoom... which means you have to reach up to adjust. This isn't a huge deal... but auto focus would be nice. (For the price of the HD20, I'm MORE THAN HAPPY to reach up :) )

Here is a photo of the basement in use... You can see the screen in the room in the background. (Sorry; its the best photo I have on the web.)
From Enlarge Photo

The above photo was from a LAN party the first weekend in December 2009. (You can see we ended up getting a ping-pong table... You can also get a glimpse of the flooring I mentioned in a separate post).

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