Thursday, March 5, 2009

The beginnings of a basement...

I've recently decided to undertake finishing our basement (with some help from the wife), and have decided to track 'progress' using this blog.

This is of course assuming the basement ever gets done. Unfortunately, if it doesn't I'll have an eternal reminder of my complete failure in the form of this blog... Hooray!

Here is what an empty basement looks like. No, we do not have a toilet sitting in the basement; its where a rough in is... although, you could poop there if you wanted, it would just be very gross... So I'd rather you didn't.

Now on to the fun; about a month ago, we used sweet home 3d (Its FREE Online) to design a rough layout from our basement.
Once that was done, I imported a screen shot of the floor plan into Visio, and duplicated the walls there. I was then able to start my rough wiring diagram, just to get an idea of what I was getting myself into.
How does it look? I haven't leaped from the plane yet, so there are still time for second thoughts or putting on a diaper before the fun begins.