Monday, July 6, 2009

Ok; here is a quick update....

So its now July and we've been making some progress. The last post provided the details of how we were planning on doing this project; and now we've actually started...

In fact, we started 2 months ago. Here is our current status:

Framing 85% complete
Just waiting on new basement windows before we frame the final room

Electrical 20% complete
Installed 1 new 20 AMP breaker in the panel and wired up a room! (Well two halves of rooms... on the circuit diagram in the past post, its the bottom wall connected to the 6 recessed lights). We've also set up a 3 way switch for those 6 lights; on a dimmer!

HVAC 0% complete
I'm waiting on electric to get done before I start on HVAC... shouldn't be too hard since I'm just planning on leeching off the current HVAC going through the cieling to the main floor.

Drywall 0% complete
I've been going back and forth on whether or not to outsource the entire job; or just taping/sanding... Once framing and electrical is done I'm going to get a few bids and decide how hard I want to work.

Sorry, no photos right now... they are all on my wife's camera. I'll update this post later with photos of each stage and one with our current progress.